Current Exhibition Exhibition

Teruko Yokoi ”Poetic Sentiment of Blank Space“

《Winter Grove》
2006, Egg tempera and metallic paint on paper

Teruko Yokoi, whose father is a calligrapher, has been familiar with calligraphy as well as painting since childhood. It is no exaggeration to say that the use of blank space and balance cultivated through calligraphy underlie her style.

In this exhibition, we will display works with beautiful blank space which creates visual balance with “form” that has no “form,” and works of which is a beautiful harmony between letters and the blank space surrounding them. We hope you will enjoy the sense of atmosphere and rhythm brought about by the blank space, as well as the poetic sentiment that you can catch a glimpse of.

  • 《Untitled》
    circa 1968, Watercolor on Japanese paper

  • 《Mond Schnee Blumen 1》
    1979, Oil on canvas