Connection with Enakawakamiya

Teruko Yokoi and Enakawakamiya

When Shingo Kamada, the director of the Hinageshi Art Museum and president of Enakawakamiya Co., Ltd. met Teruko Yokoi, he told her, "In the future, when I start my own business, I would like you to paint the wrapping paper and bags. Decades later, this became a reality. Ms. Yokoi's artwork has been used for newly painted paper bags, wrapping paper, and many other packages, adding color to gift-giving scenes and moments of relaxation.

Enjoy artistic moments with sweets!

Enakawakamiya Logo

Newly-drawn artwork

Paper bag


Newly-drawn work

This paper bag depicts "Chestnuts", the face of Enakawakamiya, which manufactures and sells Japanese and Western confections made of chestnuts, and "Hinageshi", a favorite of Teruko Yokoi.

Wrapping paper

Spring/Summer (chestnut blossoms)/Autumn/Winter (chestnut leaves)

Newly drawn work

Two types of wrapping paper: spring/summer wrapping paper depicting chestnuts that blossom in early summer, and autumn/winter wrapping paper depicting chestnut leaves in autumn. The design has a flow so that the wrapping paper looks beautiful from any side when wrapped.

  • Kurikinton Package of the Four Seasons

    Newly-drawn artwork

    Enakawakamiya sells seasonal kurikinton made from local ingredients, reflecting the scenery and flavors of each season. Since the face of Enakawakamiya is the three chestnuts, they are also featured on the packaging of Kurikinton for the four seasons.

    • To purchase products, please visit the Enakawakamiya website.
    • Some products may not be sold depending on the season.
  • Yokan Package

    Influenced by her calligrapher father, Teruko Yokoi excelled at calligraphy as well as painting. Ms. Yokoi wrote the name of the product name stamped in foil on the lid of the sweets box as well as the picture of a forest drawn in black ink.

    • To purchase products, please visit the Enakawakamiya website.
    • Some products may not be available depending on the season.
  • Tsushima Sable Package

    Hinageshi(Poppy) / Wisteria

    In honor of Teruko Yokoi‘s birth in Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture, “Tsushima Sable” is sold with Ms.Yokoi’s artwork on the package. The “Wisteria” package, the city flower of Tsushima City, was created to commemorate Ms. Yokoi's exhibition at Tsushima Shrine in 2023.

  • Mail order catalog cover

    Teruko Yokoi's artwork adorns the cover of a mail-order catalog that guides customers through confectionery that transfers the flavor of the four seasons.

Hinageshi Art Museum Original
Teruko Yokoi Postcard

Postcards of paintings and other cards from the art museum's collection are available for purchase at the art museum's reception desk.

Sold at the reception of the art museum

Kambly and Teruko Yokoi

Kambly, a leading Swiss confectionery company, releases art tins designed by artists every year, and Teruko Yokoi's artwork has been selected for the tins. The president of Kambly is also a fan of Yokoi's work, and her artwork is on display at the company's headquarters.

Mountains of Emmental region
President Kambly and Teruko Yokoi (at Kambly's headquarters)

Teruko Yokoi art tin
Kambly cookies


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Teruko Yokoi's birth, Teruko Yokoi Art tin, an assortment of Kambly's traditional cookies, is on sale at Enakawakamiya.
《On sale for a limited time only》

  • To purchase products, please visit the Enakawakamiya website.
  • Some products may not be sold depending on the season.