In the early 1980s, when I was 19 years old, I met Ms. Teruko Yokoi in Switzerland while I was traveling in Europe for confectionery training. I was impressed by Ms. Yokoi's "free and fresh sensibility" and "pursuit of self-expression," and learned about her "love of nature, art, and the joy of living. This art museum collects and exhibits the art works of Teruko Yokoi. Through the appreciation of her works, we hope that as many people as possible will become familiar with her lyrical view of the world.
And the art museum is also involved in the promotion of local art and culture and overseas projects, and will continue to develop ongoing social contribution activities through art and cultural activities that revitalize society.

General Incorporated Foundation Teruko Yokoi Hinageshi Art Museum Director

鎌田 真悟Shingo Kamada

At Bern, Switzerland

About the building- An art museum where the beauty of harmony and the colors of nature are interwoven -

Courtyard seen from the 1st floor corridor

There is a weeping plum tree that was planted by Teruko Yokoi, who decided on its placement and orientation. Pale pink flowers bloom in spring and bear fruit in early summer.

Window of the 2nd floor exhibition room

Visitors can view the satoyama landscape with seasonal trees, chestnut fields stretching behind the house, and stone blocks used in the Sakaori terraced rice fields in Nakanoho-cho, Ena City.

A tasteful Meiji-era itakura (wooden storehouse)

When the museum was built, Teruko Yokoi wished to have a building that emphasizes Japan's unique culture and is uniquely Japanese, and two itakura buildings from Hida were relocated and recovered to build the art museum.

Stone Monument

The stone monument in the flower bed is inscribed with a passage from the poem “I Would Like to Paint This Sort of Picture” which expresses Teruko Yokoi's world view.

Four Seasons at the Hinageshi Art Museum

Please also enjoy the colors of nature in each of the four seasons





Places to visit near Teruko Yokoi Hinageshi Art Museum

・Nostalgic landscape of satoyama and mysterious glistening canyon
・The castle of a female castle lord etched in the history of Japan
・Shukubamachi, an inn town that still retains the atmosphere of the Edo period

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