Closed Exhibition

Teruko Yokoi “Beyond What You See“

《Spring dream》
1954, Oil on canvas

Until the early 1950s, Teruko Yokoi had been faithful and realistic in her representation of objects. However, after moving to the U.S., Teruko Yokoi stopped trying to express things as they are and began painting abstractly, or combining what she saw with abstract expressions. She sought for “free expression that did not depict what she saw,” and “the inherent plastic elements of color, point, line, etc.” She also pursued formative qualities born from her inner self and mental images in her expression.

This exhibition focuses on her works located “beyond the visible” between figuration and abstraction. By comparing the titles of her works with the paintings, you can think about the world that unfolds in her mind, imagine something from the colors and shapes, or feel the energy of the paintings…you will feel a little mysterious sensation. We hope you will enjoy viewing the works on the “other side,” which will give you a slightly mysterious sensation.

  • 《Herbstlandschaft》
    1957, Oil on canvas

  • 《Promenade》
    1971, Lithograph on paper