Closed Exhibition

Teruko Yokoi “Drawing Material & Technique Series Ⅰ The World of Egg Tempera 1”

《Evening Twilight》
2006, Egg tempera on paper

Teruko Yokoi’s works are painted using a variety of materials and techniques. This exhibition is part of the “Materials and Techniques Series,” an eight-part series that focuses on works painted using the titled materials and techniques, and offers an opportunity to learn about the unique appeal of these materials and techniques.
The first exhibition in the series will focus on “egg tempera,” Teruko Yokoi’s main painting medium. We hope you will enjoy the egg tempera works of her, who paints flowers, plants, and trees with bold colors and expresses the vacillation of life.

  • 《Peony》
    2006, Egg tempera on paper

  • 《Meditation》
    1999, Egg tempera on paper