Closed Exhibition

Teruko Yokoi Hinageshi Art Museum 15th Anniversary “Teruko Yokoi & Suishū Tomoko Klopfenstein-Arii Two-Person Exhibition”

《Herbsttag, autumn day》 1956, Oil on canvas Teruko Yokoi
「而今」Live this moment to the fullest. (Dogen's Zen terminology) Suishū Tomoko Klopfenstein

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Teruko Yokoi Hinageshi Art Museum and Teruko Yokoi’s 95th birthday, we are pleased to present a two-person exhibition with Suishū Tomoko Klopfenstein. Although Teruko Yokoi is a painter and Suishū Tomoko Klopfenstein is a calligrapher and ink painter, the two artists are friends through their artistic activities and mutual understanding. Please enjoy the poetic harmony of Teruko Yokoi’s world of rich colors and Suishū Tomoko Klopfenstein’s world of black and white.

  • 《Secret garden》
    2006, Egg tempera on paper

  • 《Untitled》
    circa 1968, Watercolor and Ink on Japanese paper