Closed Exhibition

Teruko Yokoi “Flamboyant Red, Shimmering White”

《Poppies in the Field》
1987, Egg tempera and Metallic paint on paper

Teruko Yokoi has painted many works of Poppies, “a flower painter who paints pictures as if they were poems,” and she has also painted many flowers of the four seasons in addition to Poppies. Her sensitivity and brushstrokes have harmonized light and color to create vibrant and vivid images of these lovely flowers.

This exhibition focuses on her favorite flowers, “Poppy,” “Camellia,” “Water lotus,” and “Magnolia kobus Magnolia”. Visitors will be able to enjoy the world of Teruko Yokoi’s blooming flowers while feeling the texture of both red and white flowers.

  • 《Camellia japonica》
    2002, Egg tempera and Metallic paint on paper

  • 《Mondlicht》
    2012, Egg tempera and Acrylic on paper