Closed Exhibition

Teruko Yokoi's New Haiga “Close to Yosa Buson” Charity for Onoda Nature School

Painter Teruko Yokoi, who has lived in Bern, Switzerland for many years, is a poet of colors who continues to paint nature as an important theme of her heart (daisies, water lilies, mountains, etc.). Hiroo Onoda survived the “30 Years War” after fighting alone on the Lubang Island and moved to Brazil, where he ran a successful ranch. He is also working for the last time on the “Onoda Nature School,” an educational program for children who appreciate the greatness of nature and have a spirit of cooperation and self-reliance.
Teruko Yokoi sympathizes with the philosophy of Onoda Nature School and will open the second support charity exhibition of 40 of her works. All proceeds will be donated.

  • 《Plum starts blooming everywhere》
    2005, Watercolor and Ink on paper

  • 《Monkeys》
    2005, Watercolor and Ink on paper