Closed Exhibition

“San Francisco/New York”

1957/58, Gouache, Bamboo pen and Ink on paper

The San Francisco period (1953-1955) was Teruko Yokoi’s first overseas base of creative activity and where she learned a great deal. The New York period (1955-1959) was a time when a new style of abstract expressionism was born and the art world was at its height, and she was influenced by various influences and directed her style of painting. In this exhibition, we will introduce works painted in two American cities that are important to the story of her paintings. This exhibition provides an overview not only of her painting career, but also of the overall trends and movements in the American art world, including changes in expression and trends over time.

  • 《San Francisco, Van Ness Street》
    1953, Oil on canvas

  • 《Interior》
    1956, Oil on canvas